Commercial Insurance

Protect Your Business Assets Against Physical Loss and Third Party Liability Claims With Commercial Insurance

Businesses want stability. But the reality is that business owners can’t prevent all accidents from happening. Fires occur, theft happens, and employees get hurt. Planning for these events is what we do. Through a thorough annual risk review, we assess your current coverages, determine your exposure to loss, and identify opportunities to manage your risk. The result is a commercial insurance package that gives you the best coverage at the right price.

Commercial Auto

Is your firm covered while employees are driving their personal autos on company business? Do you have contractual obligations to provide endorsements for additional insured, primary and non-contributory or waivers of subrogation? Do you have appropriate policies and risk management tools in place in determining best practices that will allow your auto fleet of 1 vehicle to 100 to last longer and have better driving experience in this high risk area? Auto claims are some of the most common and highest paying that firms face today. Allow us to help your firm ensure that you are properly protected and have the right policy to fit your business’s unique exposures.

Commercial Package Policy (Business Owners Policy)

Not all businesses are the same, but thankfully today’s insurers have created insurance policies that can easily be adjusted to meet your specific firm’s needs. Business Owners Policies were formed to provide an insurance package which bundles together a broad range of property and liability exposures.

Workers Compensation & Employers Liability

Workers Compensation: This is a form of accident insurance and provides medical expense and wage-loss compensation for when employees are injured on the job or acquire work-related illness. If your firm has any employees, Arizona law requires your firm to carry workers compensation insurance.

Employers Liability: When an employee experiences a work-related illness or injury, negligence suits against the employer can also be filed as a result. This coverage pays for the legal expenses which may ensue from a negligence claim brought against the employer.

We can help your firm navigate this sometimes difficult to understand coverage by helping determine appropriate class codes, explaining the audit process, and discussing whether company officers/owners should be included or excluded from coverage.

Umbrella Liability

Umbrella insurance is often referred to as excess liability insurance. If a policyholder is sued for damages that exceed the liability limits of general, auto, or workers compensation.

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